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Storytelling templates right at your fingertips

  • Beautiful insights that look nothing like your competitors'
  • Controlled flexibility to tailor the insights precisely for each of your clients
  • Deliver direct answers to direct questions
  • Liberate yourself from manual delays. No more searching inboxes and chasing internal analysts for reports. Have everything available at your fingertips
  • Effortlessly engage clients with highly relevant, hyper-personalised insights that make your competitors look like a glorified content delivery system

SalesAI-driven "smart nudges"

  • Use advanced AI to identify the right product for the right client at the right time
  • Automatic tracking of clients' holdings and interests against your fund offerings and peers
  • Flagging to you when to take action
  • Prevent redemptions, increase holding duration, and effortlessly cross-sell to grow your net new assets

Banish "Admin Fridays"

  • All your activity is automatically synced back to the CRM so you can focus less on the paperwork and more on your clients

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