Spending hours creating valuable insights that never reach a client?

Understand how your valuable insights are being used across your business.
Cut out the time sinks and double down on your value-additive insights that make a real difference.

"XALT frees my team up to generate maximum value where it matters most"

Global Head of Competitor Analytics

Incredibly easy to use templates

  • Stop firefighting endless requests from Sales to “run the numbers against this peer”
  • Outsource requests from Sales back to the actual Sales person by enabling them with a fully compliant self-service ability to run their own competitor comparisons
  • Refocus your time on the in-depth insights that add real value to your clients

SalesEdge is the single place for your insights

  • Eliminate the perpetual emails asking for a quick commentary or a specific document that devour your day
  • Ensure Sales are always representing your funds and insights exactly how you would like
  • Instantly share video updates showing how to present the fund in the current market. Remove the frantic after-hour emails you get from Sales before their morning meeting

Discover who are your most important competitors

  • Auto-captured data from the people closest to the client reveal which products clients are most interested in
  • Identify who your clients are really comparing you to, so that you can double down precisely on what makes your funds unique

Ready to have more time in your day to focus on the more interesting value add?

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