Struggling to find the data you need to justify your Sales teams' activity?

Stop relying on hearsay.

Get complete visibility of your Sales teams' activity at a glance, without overwhelming them with unproductive paperwork.

"XALT has transformed our sales performance: enables digital-first client service and provides full visibility of what works and why"

Head of Distribution for EMEA

Auto-captured CRM data

  • Auto-capture your team's activity data to give you the vital MI you need to compete successfully
  • Understand precisely how your sales team are engaging clients with your funds without relying on hearsay

Data-led Distribution

  • Empower your sales team to insightfully engage any client, across your entire product range
  • Put data at the heart of your distribution efforts to level up your sales teams' communications with clients
  • Optimise the support processes to ensure your team always has the insights their clients need. Free them from the manual processes that are holding them back

Advanced MI

  • Aggregate data across your sales team to discover emerging trends from the people that are closest to the client
  • Mobilise the full force of your business and take action before your competitors

Ready to make your sales teams masters on your funds, enhance your client experience, and have better data in your CRM?

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