Don't Just Take Our Word For It

You can get the information you need and have it in one report, as opposed to maybe trying to pull together three different reports. It looks pretty, it's straight forward and it's useful

Business Development Manager
Insurer Owned Asset Manager

This is a fantastic product and is used very well in our intermediary channels.

Head of Digital Alignment
US Asset Manager

It is an excellent capability.

Head of UK Client Group
UK/Intl Asset Manager

This is the equivalent of Bloomberg for asset management sales.

Head of UK Sales
$700B AUM

Before the meeting I was agnostic and now I am very positive. You don't need to sell it, it is obviously a great product.

Global Head of Front Office Technology
ESG-Focused $700B Asset Manager

You've designed it to be pretty and incredibly user friendly. It's a seamless process of delivering much higher quality, much more timely information to clients within minutes.

Head of Compliance
$20B AUM

It's a great way to see our flows in the market. It's a massive benefit, straight away.

Head of Sales Enablement
$2.5T Asset Manager

I would call it an early Christmas present! Thank you so much for adapting to our needs so quickly.

Client Relationship Manager
$2.5T Asset Manager

XALT lines up centrally with a key initiative of having a "single pane of glass view" for the distribution teams. The benefit of XALT is how it puts information and insights right into the hands of our sales teams, making them slicker and more immediate.

Global Head of Business Transformation
$1T Asset Manager

It's the holy grail of what we've been looking for. XALT is a very impressive product.

Chief Technology Officer
European Asset Manager

It's a nice solution, very useful.

Head of Wholesale & Distribution France
Boutique Asset Manager

It's fantastic. I wish I had it in the past.

Head of Sales
Swiss Asset Manager

All product specific docs in one place. I love it.

ETF Sales
Global Asset Manager

If you wanted insight or a bespoke report you would have to submit a request, which can take two days to get to the client. Now that takes 90 seconds - a fully compliant, signed-off report, personalised with the client's name.

Head of Sales
European Asset Manager

I love the way it's integrated with Salesforce, you can jump right in to your contact. Everything is brought together seamlessly.

Global Distribution Strategic Capabilities Director
US Based Global Asset Manager

It had all the data on our funds and competitors from the initial demo. It is extremely powerful.

Commercial Head of ETF Capabilities
ESG-Focused $700B Asset Manager

Before XALT, I had to go internally and ask someone to run the reports. Now I can do it myself on the web. It's a nice solution, very useful.

Head of Institutional Business, EMEA ex-UK
Active-Focused Asset Manager

Arguably functionality, level of information and design is better than FE Analytics.

Regional Investment Director
$2.5T Asset Manager

When I first saw it, it really knocked my socks off. Then I saw the Artificial Intelligence and the data visualisation - we could never build it internally because we know how long it takes to build something this masterful.

Director of Distribution and Marketing Business Intelligence
US Asset Manager

It took me 35 mins on XALT, it would have taken the specialist about an hour and a half.

Global Asset Manager

If we weren't already paying for it, I would happily pay for XALT out of my bonus.

Head of Sales Europe
$700B AUM

The integrations are a winner and this is exactly how a sales person should be operating these days.

Sales Manager
South African Asset Manager

XALT helps the team communicate and augment their own intelligence, so they can sell better. It's useful for client engagement, experience and winning business… A sales guy understanding, sourcing, finding, collecting, getting all this together is difficult. This allows us to scale with the limited resources that we have.

Head of Global Marketing Solutions
Swiss Based Global Asset Manager

When I first saw XALT I was like "oh my god we could do with something like that!"

Head of UK ETF Sales
ESG-Focused $700B Asset Manager

It's really useful for the ETF business... it's all the information, including really nice scenarios, that the sales team are hungry for.

ETF Investment Strategist
ESG-Focused $700B Asset Manager

This is a true sales enablement application, our sales guys love this.

Head of COO Distribution
Multi Boutique Asset Manager