XALT & eVestment announce strategic partnership

Make your Sales team the ultimate differentiator for your funds

Start maximising your fund flows today with XALT

XALT delivers Sales Optimisation to your Distribution teams so that they have greater insights, can go further for their clients, and deliver greater asset growth

Designed specifically for Asset Management. Used daily around the world.

Why Sales Optimisation for Asset Management?

Fund selling is more than simple content delivery. It's a consultative engagement that requires immediate access to detailed insights. There are subtle nuances and shifting markets which make the sales process a technical conversation that relies on a marriage of immediate tactical insights and strategic storytelling.

Your clients expect insights to be tailored and relevant to them.

You need the latest data to be immediately available so you can't rely on manual process. Manual is too slow to keep clients engaged.

This is impossible to produce centrally. We need to give our salespeople (the people closest to the client) the ability to compliantly tailor and create insights that are specific and relevant to their client. If not, we are unfairly limiting our sales team's ability to compete and we are under-serving our clients.

XALT is a transformative sales optimisation platform putting data at the heart of distribution - enabling digital-first sales teams to stand out from the crowd and deliver maximum value to their clients at every interaction.

Unite, Engage, Win

Unified insights across funds, clients and competitors to differentiate yourself from the crowd and win

Deeper Sales Intelligence

XALT provides the technology to unite all your data to generate timely and relevant insights

Stronger Client Experience

XALT enables more personalised, digital-first client-specific communications before it's too late

Better Business Results

XALT delivers data-led insights that help you maximise your team's impact on asset retention and growth

Global Reach

XALT leads the market in providing a unified view of funds, clients and competitors in a single application









Why Do Asset Managers Choose XALT?

XALT has been built exclusively for global Asset Managers, from the ground up, by our team of industry specialists and engineers. This means that XALT does everything you need - and more - straight out of the box.

We believe that step-changing your clients engagements shouldn't be delayed, which is why we've ensured that XALT is incredibly easy to use and delivers instant value.

Distribution Teams

Remove your limits. Maximise your engagements.

XALT effortlessly lets you create hyper-personalised insights that look nothing like your competitors'. So that you build truly collaborative relationships with your clients, stand out from the crowd and capture and retain a greater share of asset flows.

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Distribution Leaders

Liberate your sales teams. Increase your flows.

XALT puts data at the heart of your distribution efforts to level up your sales teams' communications with clients by ensuring that they are experts on all of your products.

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Investment Specialists

Reduce the repetition. Increase the value.

XALT's easy-to-use, completely compliant templates enable you to outsource requests from Sales back to the actual sales person, allowing you to focus on the indepth insights that add real value to your clients.

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Sales Enablement Teams

Unlock your data. Maximise your sales ecosystem.

We've designed XALT to be instantly deployable to deliver value straight off the bat, so you know you can deliver an ROI.

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Global Partners

Award Winning


An award winning team of finance and technology professionals, focused on powering global asset managers to grow assets, increase profitability, and become tomorrow's leaders

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Accredited & Compliant

ISO 27001 accredited, GDPR compliant with cloud software running on isolated infrastructure


Winner of Best Use of Data at the Investment Week Innovation Awards and a FinTech Start Up award at the Digital Client Engagement Summit

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Artificial Intelligence

XALT's unique AI generates actionable intelligence to boost sales and increase retention by uniting over 12 trillion market and client data points

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