Tired of shoehorning in non-industry-specific solutions that just drain your time and budget?

XALT is designed and built specifically for Asset Management.

We've already solved the data issues that have been holding you back.

"XALT has helped us move some big roadblocks in our processes - super-easy and super-fast to deploy and integrate"

Head of Distribution and Marketing Enablement

Highly flexible and loosely coupled

  • A modern, agile approach to development and systems means XALT is able to integrate easily with existing and future third-party applications
  • Leverage the full strength of your company at scale with powerful integrations that allow you to maximise the full value of your sales ecosystem. XALT is already fully integrated with much of an asset manager’s tech stack and third-party data providers, such as Morningstar and eVestment
  • Eliminate the transition times that are eating up your sales teams’ day and add inefficiencies into your business

Built by industry experts

  • No need to bring us up to speed on what a share class is, the nuances between Sharpe methodologies, or the compliance rules around reactive client communications
  • Fast and agile development focused on getting value into the hands of the users as fast as possible

Structured data out of the box

  • With no extra work, XALT gathers the structured data you need to leverage across your other initiatives, without burdening your internal resources
  • Deliver instant value and start realising a faster ROI not just on XALT but also on your other projects

Ready to deliver instant value and start realising a faster ROI?

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